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Norbert Csulik

time: 2016-12-14

    Norbert is an obstetrics physiotherapist graduated from prestigious Semmelweis University, Hungary with a BS degree in physiotherapy. He has worked at Szent Janos Hospital, Maternity Division, Budapest, Hungary as an obstetric physiotherapy specialist. 

  In the past 5 years, he has worked for different hospitals and postpartum centers all across China, and have gained a thorough understanding of the Chinese health care system, including providing the highest standard of services and exceptional customer care.
  His role as an obstetric physiotherapist is to promote health throughout the childbearing period and help woman to adjust advantageously to the physical and physiological changes of pregnancy and the postnatal period, so the stress of childbearing is minimized.  
  Prenatally and postnatally he advices on physical activities associated with both, work and leisure, he is a specialist in selecting and teaching appropriate exercises to gain and maintain fitness and well-being and assesses and treats musculo-skeletal problems related to pregnancy.

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