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H.Sema Malinova

time: 2016-12-27

H.Sema Malinova is a IPCF Registered Senior Psychology Counselor (Prenatal -Perinatal -Postnatal Psychology) from Bulgaria. Also she is a A Level CBT therapist from Oxford College and the Founder of Self Hypnosis Based Gentle Birth China.

Her former experiences include: 6 years academic mental health research background in Hacettepe University Hospitals Gynecology, Terminal Oncology, Neurosurgery Psychology counseling support experience during her working period at Hacettepe University Hospitals. 5 years experience in Developmental Psychology practice in early childhood .5 years of managing the general operations of the international VIP departments and related services, ensuring that staff delivers high quality, patient centered care and services; competency to promote the hospital’s position and image, reflective of the mission, standards and values of the hospitals. Delivering staff trainings, medical and psychological consulting services also providing “Pregnancy Psychology Support Counseling” to the women and families using the maternity services at Baijia Maternity Care Holdings’ Hospitals. 3 years as Director of International VIP department at Changsha Maria Maternity Hospital and 2 years as Director of International Medical Center and Psychology Department at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital.

Currently she is working at Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital as a Director in charge of International Department and Psychology Counseling services.

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