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Dr. Zhang Lin MD

time: 2016-12-07

     Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine, Medical School of Shanghai Jiaotong University with a Bachelor’s Degree, Ms. Zhang has 32 years experience in clinical anesthesia. She is a Deputy Chief Physician and has worked as the Director of Anesthesiology Department for 21 years. She is a member of Anesthesiology Branch of Shanghai Medical Association and a member of Anesthesiology, Pain and Critical Care Medicine Group under Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine. Ms. Zhang has published a dozen of papers in SCI journals and participated in many medical research programs in Shanghai.

     Clinical experience: Ms. Zhang is skilled in the operation and intraoperative management of general anesthesia, epidural, lumbar anesthesia, combined spinal epidural anesthesia, invasive hemodynamic and central venous indwelling catheter.


    Mr.Zhang is specialized in anesthesia and rescue of critically ill gynecology and obstetrical diseases, anesthesia treatment of difficult and critically ill patients, anesthesia of gynecology minimally invasive surgeries, outpatient anesthesia of analgesia clinic, labor analgesia and postoperative analgesia. 

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