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  • Hospitals in Shanghai for Antenatal Examinations

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:28:23
  • Antenatal examinations concern the safety and health of mothers and babies. More and more mothers and their family are attaching great importance to such examinations. Meanwhile, a growing number of hospitals are providing antenatal examina...【More】
  • When Can We Do B Ultrasound Examination after Conception

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:21:23
  • According to doctors of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital, the B ultrasound examination should be done in the fifth week of pregnancy, which is one week after the menstruation period. B Ultrasound examination is safe and easy to operate in...【More】
  • Timeline and Programs of Antenatal Examinations

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:18:21
  • A woman getting pregnant means a lot for the family, since a new life will join the family. Every family wants a healthy and smart baby, and antenatal examinations are necessary. Having antenatal examinations regularly can help detect pregn...【More】