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  • Training on Intellectual Development of Babies

    Release Date:2016-08-25 16:04:29
  • Healthy Babies, Happy Babies This training can help to improve babys intellectual development. It includes trainings on babys sensory stimulation, language development, emotional interaction, sense of touch and exercise capacity. It is bene...【More】
  • Proper Room and Water Temperature for Baby SPA

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:38:41
  • Babies are delicate and not good at self-regulation to temperature change. Therefore, special attention should be given to temperature control when parents take their babies to spa. Then, what is the right room temperature and water tempera...【More】
  • Notes on Baby Massage

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:30:17
  • Parents should follow the guidance of the trained medical staff on how to massage their babies. Pediatricians of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital kindly remind you that babies are delicate and parents should be very careful to do the mass...【More】