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  • Water Birth

    Release Date:2018-03-26 16:40:38
  • Each baby spends nearly 10 months in the mothers uterus. During the 10 months of growth, the fetus absorbs nutrition from the amniotic fluid and stretches its body all the time. Water is indispensable for the baby. If exposed to the same so...【More】
  • Water Pain Relief Labor

    Release Date:2016-08-25 15:53:33
  • Comfortable Birth for Easy and Natural Birth of Babies It Effectively Reduces the Labor Pain It Avoids Perineal Laceration It Shortens the Labor Stages It Helps Neonates to Adapt to the Environment It is Free and Comfortable, Soothing the L...【More】
  • Benefits of Water Birth

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:46:31
  • Many women choose water birth nowadays. More and more midwives and OB-GYN physicians believe that water birth can reduce the stress of birth on mothers, and reduce complications of babies. Water birth is beneficial both to mothers and babie...【More】
  • Will a Baby Born in Water Choke on Water?

    Release Date:2016-07-19 13:44:41
  • Babies are delicate and not good at self-regulation to temperature change. Therefore, special attention should be given to temperature control when parents take their babies to spa. Then, what is the right room temperature and water tempera...【More】