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  • Water Pain Relief Labor

    Release Date:2018-03-26 16:43:09
  • Comfortable Birth for Easy and Natural Birth of Babies It Effectively Reduces the Labor Pain It Avoids Perineal Laceration It Shortens the Labor Stages It Helps Neonates to Adapt to the Environment It is Free and Comfortable, Soothing the L...【More】
  • Water Birth

    Release Date:2018-03-26 16:40:38
  • Each baby spends nearly 10 months in the mothers uterus. During the 10 months of growth, the fetus absorbs nutrition from the amniotic fluid and stretches its body all the time. Water is indispensable for the baby. If exposed to the same so...【More】
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy &Pregnancy

    Release Date:2017-12-07 11:31:53
  • Many people know that women have increased risks for developing symptoms of depression during pregnancy . However, women also have a roughly equal chance of developing the symptoms of an anxiety disorders. A change-oriented psychotherapy cal...【More】
  • Pregnancy Psychology Support Counselling Services

    Release Date:2017-11-29 17:18:42
  • We provide Pregnancy Psychology Support Serviceto the women and families using the maternity serviceshere atShanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital. We offer pregnancy support counseling service on antenatal ,labor and postnatal stages. Such as:...【More】
  • Postpartum Home Visits

    Release Date:2017-06-28 11:07:53
  • Baijia Home Visiting Servicefor women and their newborn babies. This service allows you to begin your family life in the comfortable, familiar and private surroundings of your home while being supported and educated by specifically trained v...【More】
  • Notes on Diet during Postpartum Recovery

    Release Date:2016-12-14 16:44:06
  • Notes on Diet during Postpartum Recovery: Women consume great physical strength and nutrient during labor and delivery, therefore they should pay more attention to the diet during postpartum recov...【More】
  • Kangaroo Care

    Release Date:2016-12-13 15:28:28
  • What is kangaroo care? Kangaroo care is a method of holding a baby that involves skin-to-skin contact. The baby, who is naked except for a diaper and a piece of cloth covering his or her back (either a receiving blanket or the parents cloth...【More】
  • Physiotherapy Services

    Release Date:2016-12-08 14:05:59
  • A womans body goes through enormous changes during pregnancy and it can significantly affect your overall daily functioning. In many cases discomfort in pregnancy is a normal accepted process. In some cases it can be more than that and phys...【More】