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MOU between Baijia International Group-Lamaze International

time: 2017-12-22

Recently, Baijia International Group and Lamaze International have agreed to jointly promote the Lamaze Natural Birth, and signed a MOU with in Shanghai on December 13.
The MOU signed with Lamaze International is not only the first step of Baijia International Group to have cooperative relationship, but also to promote, protect and support the goal of natural, safe and healthy birth.
Mr. Xu Tao, CEO of Baijia International Group, said that the main significance of signing MOU with Lamaze International is to open up a channel for international concept of maternal and child care.”Lamaze International will not only bring us the advanced, evidence-based maternal and child care experience, but also guide and help us to cultivate excellent Lamaze certified childbirth educators, to let more women choose natural childbirth, and can enjoy a relaxed, comfortable birth experience."
At the same time,Baijia will hold Lamaze childbirth educators training with the support of Lamaze International, and become the sole translation and publication, printing and distribution of Lamaze evidence-based data in China.
Signing of MOU with Lamaze International, will promote ‘6 Health Birth Pratice’ in the chain of hospitals of Baijia International Group, with the natural, healthy and safe pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting practices.
Baijia Maternity will regularly carry out the good mother club with Lamaze courses for mothers to learn about Lamaze Natural Birth.