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time: 2017-12-08

Every birth is unique, from natural births to surprise emergency c-sections and everything in between. We spread smile at these interesting inspirational birth stories from moms willing to share one of the most intimate moments of their lives.
My name is Wantana Rodbuth, I thank God Almighty for my pretty daughter called SANA MASY and my husband that i love so much whom have been a great support and strength during my delivery.
Allow me to introduce my birth story.
….Looking after an hospital in Shanghai was not easy especially for a student family like ours, but when we have been introduced to Baijia Hospital we were surprised the way we were treated and welcomed at the first time visit.
Baijia offered us a better service a better hospitality and specially a good preparation before delivery.
We have been treated as king and queen, this is how we felt from the beginning we sign in with Baijia hospital till after birth.
From the translators, the nurses, the receptionists, the doctors they make have a secure feeling and a protected environment that you don’t wanna leave the hospital because they relieves you and put you at ease; they are so professional and in the same time they are friendly with the patients, and very sociable.

Most of the time, i have to go to hospital with medical check, echography, sugar, weight control… I had a wonderful nurse planning and arranging appointment on my behalf if ever needed.
I was so well treated that i would like to come by everyday just to be around these well-dressed uniform nurses.
Beside the doctors are having me do check ups and they are also the one that taught me about the change that might take place emotionally, being a mother alike, in my social life as well…
Therefore by the time we get to the delivery room, i was already ready emotionally even though the pain didn’t go, i recover the next day i stand on my feet and could walk.
So i would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the service, the mental and emotional preparation and for natural and safe delivery.
If i have to say something about my hospital, i would like to encourage every mama’s wanna-be to choose and apply for Baijia Hospital.
Thank you.
Wantana Rodbuth (Thailand )