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Successful Launch of JCI Introduction and Job Trainings

time: 2016-04-11

  A Maternity Hospital in Shanghai Launches JCI Standards Introduction and Job Trainings

  Centered by patients and focusing on medical quality and patient rights, JCI standards are regarded as one of the highest benchmarks on healthcare services in the world. Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital (under Preparation) held the Launching Ceremony of JCI Standards Introduction and Job Trainings on April 11th.

  According to Professor Zhang Yunping, Vice-President of Baijia International Group and Chief Executive Officer of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital (under Preparation), Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital has strictly followed the JCI standards in design and construction from the beginning. It will adhere to JCI standards in operations and management and embrace the unique culture and values of Baijia International Group, so as to build a 3H hospital integrating star-hotel services, home-like attention and quality hospital care. Shanghai Baijia will also introduce the model of Full Care for Women and Infants (FCWI), in which we design the health care and health education from pre-conception to postpartum care for clients, so as to provide them the scientific, comprehensive and systematic care.

  It is learned that this Job Training of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital (under Preparation) is designed for all employees. Besides systematic and comprehensive education on JCI standards, there are trainings on Baijia system aiming at helping staff to fit into the Baijia family, improving team cohesiveness, centripetal force and executive force, providing basic guarantee for orderly conduct of work and building a sound foundation of the long-term career development for staff. Covering the medical knowledge, the curriculum includes: Hospital Infection Control, Hospital Management, Hospital Services, Art of Doctor-Patient Relationship and Service Features of Baijia Obstetrics Department.

  The medical and nursing team of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital (under Preparation) took the oath led by Ms. Li Hong, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department: Adhere to JCI international hospital standards and provide high quality healthcare to women and infants with compassion and integrity. Following the oath-taking, Chen Xinyin, Alan Xu, Lin Jianhua, Christian D. Orejudos and Henry Chen launched the JCI Project of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital (under Preparation) together, signifying its official start of JCI journey.

  Mr. Chen Xinyin, Vice-President of Shanghai Association for Non-government Medical Associations, Mr. Lin Jianhua, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Mr. Alan Xu, Executive President of Baijia International Group, Dr. Christian D. Orejudos, Chief Operating Officer of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital (under preparation), Dr. Henry Chen, JCI Project Leader of Baijia International Group, physicians and nurses of Shanghai Baijia and guests from different sectors attended the launch ceremony. And in the following forum, healthcare experts gave speeches on the Effect of 2nd Child Policy To Quality/ JCI, How JCI Creates Solutions for High Reliability Health Care in the Rapidly Changing China Market and How JCI and Patient Centered Care Changes the Way We Provide Care to Patients, etc. and had academic discussion with the audience.