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Providing Safe and Comfortable Experience to Clients

time: 2016-03-19

Baijia Concepts: Providing Safe and Comfortable Experience to Clients

3H Hospital

Hospital Hotel Home

Patient-Centered 3H Model

Integrating Quality Medical Care of Hospital,

Star-Hotel Services

and the Warmth of Home


Hospital-- Quality Medical Care

Shanghai Baijia is a Member of Baijia International Group

By Integrating Premium International Healthcare Resources

And Following JCI Standards on Hospital Operations and Management

It is Committed to Providing More Convenient Services to Clients

With People-Centered Care in the Era of Smart Healthcare


Hotel-Star-Hotel Services

Advocating the Patient-Centered Service Concept

And with Introduction of Star-Hotel Services

We Provide Detailed and Superb Experience to Clients


Home---Home-like Caring Services

A Home-like Private Space

Will Maximize the Protection to Your Privacy

You will Enjoy the Ease and Peace in Baijia just Like at Home