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Childbirth Consultant Camp: Lamaze Pain Reduction Birth

time: 2017-05-23

Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital officially launched Come on Mum! Childbirth Comfort Camp: Lamaze Pain Reduction Birth on May 6th, 2017. This important moment was witnessed by Lamaze expert Dr. Jeannette T. Crenshaw, Ms. Jiang Xuzhen, Deputy Medical Dean of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital, and Ms. Xue Kouhong, Director of Nursing Department, together with other medical staff and 30 expectant mothers .

More and more mothers go for vaginal birth as it is strongly advocated these days. Yet they often give it up halfway due to fear of labor pain. In this Childbirth Comfort Camp: Lamaze Pain Reduction Birth, Shanghai Baijia Maternity invited Lamaze expert Dr. Jeannette T. Crenshaw to guide mothers in experiencing a happy birth.
A Lively Class to Guide Expectant Mothers in Experiencing a Happy Childbirth
Before the class started, Dr. Jeannette Crenshaw greeted the mothers in Chinese warmly and joked about her poor Chinese. Her smiling face and amiable manner made everybody felt at home. With such a good start, the expectant mothers experienced the happiness of birth in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
During the lively and interactive class, Dr. Jeannette showed how to use tools such as yoga ball and massagers to find comfort in labor and birth. She also invited expectant fathers to experience the birth together with their wives.
Giving Birth in the Most Natural Way
Clumsy expectant fathers held their wives with both arms, while mothers leaned on their shoulders, feeling relaxed and comfortable. This was Dr. Jeannette instructing expectant fathers on helping their wives in labor.
Jeannette explained the following aspects of healthy birth practices: let labor begin on its own; walk, move around, change positions and use gravity; change positions every 20 minutes; bring a loved one, friend, or Doula for continuous support; avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body’s urge to push;keep mother and baby together for at least one hour after birth...
“They are very easy to learn and I can practice at home,” Ms. Lee, an expectant mother at the class said that she felt good about these Lamaze pain reduction methods. “I am sure they will reduce my pain in labor.”
“Baijia Maternity has always been advocating for natural pregnancy and comfortable birth. Our doctors and midwives apply various methods such as Lamaze pain reduction, water pain reduction, Doula, companion, etc. to help mothers have a smooth birth. We will frequently hold childbirth comfort camps to help mothers become more informed and confident to embrace natural birth,” says Ms. Jiang Xuzhen, Deputy Medical Dean of Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital.
Profile of Specially Invited Expert